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HB Detailing Pros offers a very wide variety of paint correction and paint defect removal services. We can take care of everything from minor swirls and wash scratches to a complete vehicle paint restoration.


Removing everything from light marring and fine scratches to heavy paint damage is an art and should only be performed by a highly trained professional paint correction specialist.


We at HB Detailing Pros pride ourselves on being Southern California’s premier paint correction and paint protection specialist. For over 40 years we have worked with every type of paint technology ever used. There are all types of painted surfaces with all kinds of variables that need to be considered before attacking any and all paint damage.


We use custom lights and lighting tools to see and chase after paint defects. We use very high-end paint gauges to determine the condition and thickness of the paint. We use a variety of microscopes to visually check what the paint looks like, and we do all of this before we tackle the paint repair process.


Don’t let just anyone start working on your paint, it could end up costing you a lot more then you expected. We at HB Detailing Pros will treat you car like the investment it truly is.


The types of paint technology we specialize in:


• Single stage paint

• Multi stage paint

• Lacquer and acrylic type paint

• Tinted paints

• Urethane Paints

• Clear coat paint, Hard, Medium and Soft clears

• Custom paints

• Pin striping

• Protected paints

• Flat and semi flat paint


What types of paint damage can be removed and repaired?


• Light to medium scratches

• Micro marring and hazing

• Above surface damage

• Below surface damage

• Etching and paint blemishes

• Water spot and hard water removal

• Oxidation

• Faded paint

• Dry paint

• Swirls and hologram

• Heavy and deep scratches


What types of paint correction do we specialize in?


• Paint claying and decontamination

• Paint compounding

• Paint polishing

• Ultra fine paint polishing

• Paint manipulation

• Paint leveling

• Wet sanding

• Professional paint protection systems


All paint damage varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle and with different types of paints, paint colors and paint hardness. Therefore it's impossible to offer paint correction pricing and it is best to let us evaluate and examine the condition of your paint so we can offer up the very best pricing and do our best to match your paint correction budget.


For more information on our paint correction services be sure to give us a call at:


(714) 795-2983







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