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Using new technology we have taken the difficult process of cleaning, polishing and protecting your wheels to a new level.


Your wheels face so much more abuse than the rest of your car. From the harsh elements of the road, to the extreme heat caused by the friction and use of the brakes, calipers and rotors, your wheels need to be cared for and maintained.


Today’s high profile wheels are very expensive, and no matter if they are aftermarket or factory, they can make or break the overall appearance of what our cars look like.


Our multi-stage process in cleaning, polishing and protecting your wheels is a system that we have developed over years of professional wheel care. Your wheels are an important part of the overall look and performance of your vehicle. You can trust that when we have completed our wheel treatment, your wheels will look amazing and stay cleaner longer.


Why get your wheels cleaned, polished and protected


• Appearance and cosmetics

• Keep them running cooler

• They stay cleaner longer

• Protect the surface of the wheels

• Protect the barrels of the wheels

• Prevent rust, pitting and fading

• Protect your brake calipers

• Protect your investment in your wheels


Wheel Cleaning starting at $25 per wheel


Wheel Polishing starting at $75 per wheel


Using the new Ceramic Coating will give your wheels a level of protection never found in any other product sold on the market today. Our heat resistant and durable Ceramic Coating is a level of protection we highly recommend.


Ceramic Coating on wheels and brake calipers starting at $75 per wheel


Wheel Repair starting at $100 per wheel


For more information on our wheel cleaning, polishing, coating and repair services please feel free to give us a call at:

(714) 795-2983








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