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Revivify Coatings, the foremost authority in Vehicle Coating technology worldwide, specializes in the production of silicon-based, self-healing protection for automotive, marine, aviation, and industrial.

Revivify’s claim to fame is its excellent ability of Adhesion and unlike your traditional ceramic coatings, Revivify adheres to every hard surface it’s applied to.
Our commitment is to provide top-tier products that ensure comprehensive surface protection across all categories. We proudly stand as the leading innovator of the coating industry. 


The comparison of Revivify to Paint Protection Film (PPF) is interesting. While PPF does offer excellent protection, it’s also known for its thickness and the fact that it can be more visible on the surface compared to today’s liquid coatings. Revivify’s ability to provide similar protection while maintaining a thinner, more inconspicuous coating could be a significant advantage for those who want protection without the appearance of a film, the unsightly edges of film, and the slight loss of clarity some films create.

The point about the 9H rating is essential to recognize. Many customers might not fully understand the meaning of the 9H rating and how it relates to hardness. Educating our Revivify customers about the real-world benefits of our Revivify coating technology, such as self-healing, resistance to light scratches, wash-related marks, and environmental challenges, can be a key selling point. It’s important to communicate that Revivify offers a practical solution that goes beyond the marketing hype and offers our customers peace of mind while keeping their cosmetic values of their vehicle full potential.

In the competitive world of these hand applied, liquid coatings, innovation and differentiation are crucial, and it seems like Revivify has a unique value proposition. Highlighting the simplicity of application, exceptional performance, cosmetic appeal, and customer satisfaction helps with Revivify owning a strong foothold in the market while leaving traditional ceramic coatings behind.
And, Revivify’s continued efforts in research and development to improve and expand our product offerings, create more protective products and to be sure our customers get the protection they deserve is what the Revivify Brand is all about.

Revivify Self-Heal Coating is a cutting-edge nanotechnology coating developed by IDEE Technology Corp in Taiwan. This innovative coating offers a range of impressive features and applications that set it apart in the field of surface protection:

Revivify’s similar levels of vehicle protection to PPF, means that Revivify’s liquid application can be applied in many areas that PPF cannot. Front Grills, Wheels and Calipers, and many other tight and hard to reach surface protection areas. In addition, Revivify’s ability to compete with PPF and reject small projectiles, dirt and debris as well as its ability to self heal, is accomplished with the addition of two or three layers of our Revivify product. Ranking it as one of the top most productive and protective hand applied, liquid coating products sold on the market today.


• Permanent and Semi Coatings
• Chemical Resistant
• Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant
• Temperature Resistant
• UV Protection
• Super Gloss and Candy Like Shine
• Unmatched Hydrophobicity
• Amazing Water Sheeting
• Dust and Dirt Repellent
• Durable and Easy to Clean


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